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The CPCLT20 Elite Championship is a highly competitive Hard Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament organized by the Chicago Premier Cricket League.


This is a draft-based tournament that aims to bring together the top tennis ball cricket talent in Chicagoland. The tournament provides a transparent and fair player draft process, allowing team owners to create competitive combinations of players. The tournament started in 2023, and the upcoming season, Season 2, will be held in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the plans for CPCLT20 ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP in the year 2024?

Following 7 teams will be  participating in the Season 2 of CPCLT20 ELITE Championship IN 2024 -

  • Carolstream Stars - Owner: Vineet Bhatt

  • Chicago FIRE - Owner: Siva Kesana

  • Chennai Sharks - Owner: Niro Rajasingham & Rajesh Roshan

  • Evolutyz Unmazers - Owner: Pranay Pindi

  • Excellerate Blues - Owner: Naveen Ganne

  • Illinois Thunder - Owner: Abhishek Agarwal

  • SRK Lions - Owner: Santosh Pindi

The league matches will be played on weekdays starting June 4, 2024 and playoffs will start be in the Week of August 12, 2024.

What is the format of CPCLT20 ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP?

There are 7 teams participating in the Season 2 of CPCLT20 ELITE Championship. The format of the tournament in Season 2 is -

  • Each game is 2020 over aside

  • Each of the 7 teams will play each other in a round robin format in the league phase.

  • Top 4 teams will progress to playoff, out of which qualifier and eliminator rounds will determine the 2 teams that will qualify to participate in the CHAMPIONSHIP Finale.

When and where will these matches played?

Most matches will be played in Dee Park cricket Ground at Des Plaines on weekday nights (mostly Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights).

How are the teams formed?

Team ownership can decide on the best combination they want to put together to win this championship.

Team will be allowed a roster of 20. Each team will their 4 icon players. The teams will then get a chance to pick 16 players from the Player draft.

How can I play CPCLT20 tournament for any of the teams?

As a player you can make yourself eligible to play CPCLT20 ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP by registering for the Player Draft. The teams then have the choice to either pick you as an Icon player OR in the Player Draft. 

You need to pay $50 for registering yourself to this draft and if not selected, the $50 will be refunded back.


Registrations for the 2024 Season Player Draft is currently closed.

If you have more questions, please write to

Participating teams - 2023, Season 1

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-11 at 2.35.57 AM (2).jpeg

Carol Stream Stars



Evolutyz Unmazers


WhatsApp Image 2023-07-11 at 2.35.57 AM.jpeg

Chicago FIRE


WhatsApp Image 2023-07-11 at 2.35.57 AM (1).jpeg

Excellerate Blues


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